Security Divider & Deck Board

Organize and secure your load with confidence using Ancra’s new patent pending Security Divider and
Deck Board. With the ability to configure the light weight panels for use as a deck board or secure
bulkhead, our Security Divider and Deck Board offers an innovative way to keep your freight separated
and secure.

Manufactured using high-density polyethylene panels, which are lighter in weight and splinter proof
compared to typical plywood sheets, you can use our Security Divider and Deck Board with lockable EBeams
to provide a secure load divider for any load combination. The lightweight panels have
convenient hand slots to improve the ergonomics of handling with the flexibility to easily configure into
a deck board or bulkhead application. Our Security Divider and Deck Board is ideal for securing and
keeping your customers items safe during transport. In addition to keeping loads safe and secure, the
dual use of the Security Divider and Deck Board gives you versatility in cargo carrying capacity,
supporting double-decked loads when needed.

Coming with a three-year warranty, the Security Divider and Deck Board may be purchased as a kit
including two lockable E beams and two panels. The kits come with either standard beams or heavy
duty beams, or the panels can be purchased separately. No matter what you purchase to meet your
needs, each panel includes complete setup and removal instructions for easy application.

To place your kit or panel order today, call Ancra’s customer service department at 800.233.5138.