Maximize Your ROI With Innovative Load Handling and Space
Utilization Solutions

Thousands of systems in use! No deck system is demanded more!

Ancra will assist in collecting and analyzing data to help determine what deck
system will provide the fleet operator the optimum results.

1. Deck system Specialists

- Ancra provides experienced personnel that specialize in deck systems and collection of data

2. Proven "3 Steps to Increased Profits" program

- Evaluate to determine the Lift-A-Deck II deck system that best meets your fleets application

- Testing Ancra will assist in the collection and analysis of data to determine the value your fleet can realize from an Ancra deck system

- Training Ancra will assist you in training your personnel to operate and load freight safely and securely using an Ancra deck system to maximize loading efficiency

3.  Proven durability, the Lift A Deck II is a proven deck system that stands up to the abuse found in today's rugged transportation environment

- Deck system most often specified by the major fleets
4. Proven to operate year after year with low maintenance costs

- No track lubrication required
- System track and foot assemblies are precision machined resulting in smooth sliding beams
- Lift A Deck beams continue to slide smoothly in the track year after year
5. Continuous Improvement Program to further develop the Lift A Deck II product line

6. Only Ancra has a network of Certified LAD installers that have met strict requirements set forth by Ancra

For further information on how Lift-A-Deck II deck system can raise your load average and your profits, contact Customer Service to speck to a deck system
specialist at 1-800-233-5138.