Training Program

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Ancra Lift-A-Deck II Training Program

Training - Ancra will provide a comprehensive training video to assist in properly training
your employees loading the trailers equipped with the Lift-A-Deck II. Ancra will also
assist in developing a corporate training program specific to your fleet.

Key Training Points

  1. Helps ensure all drivers and loading dock personnel are trained to use the Lift-A-Deck II system properly
  2. Quality training ensures the fleet owner is maximizing load capacity by using LAD, which results in increased revenue.
  3. Proper training helps reduce equipment damage from forklift operators and also reduces product damage due to being loaded improperly.

Training Program To Safely and Securely Load Freight

  1. Complete comprehensive Training Video available
  2. Contact Customer Service to speak to a deck system specialist at Ancra International for additional information on designing a custom training program to meet the needs of your company (800-929-2627)

Lift-A-Deck II Double / Single Track System Training Video
Lift-A-Deck II Single Track System Training Video