Tension Limiting

No more overtightening You can prevent damage caused by over tightened ratchet buckles with the Tension-Limiting Ratchet Buckle. Ancra’s innovative buckle will tighten to no more than 300 pounds of tension. It’s enough force to secure the cargo, but not enough to damage your vehicle. Not even your strongest driver can apply too much force. How it works Once the strap is installed in the track, ratchet the strap normally. When proper tension is reached, the handle releases and no more tension can be applied. Even if you try, you can never go too tight. Assemblies are available with Low Profile (49715-10, patented) or Heavy-Duty (49410-13, patented) long handle buckles. There are six Torque-Limiting Ratchet Straps available in lengths from 12 to 20 feet.