Product News

1/2" Chain & Chain
Assemblies Now

As a result of numerous
requests. Ancra now
offers complete 1/2"
chain assemblies with
Clevis hooks and in bulk.

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Container Restraints

Securing containers on transporters
is now more secure with our Roll-
On/Roll-Off container straps. Each
4" wide winch strap is built with a
special hook to attach containers.
Available in custom lengths for
special applications.

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GlideLock Sliding

Positions along the trailer rail or
winch track to ensure the correct
pull-angle for securing cargo and
keeping the strap inboard of the
rub rails.

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Rachet Buckle

Ripped out logistic track or
buckled side walls from
overzealous tightening of
the ratchet buckle is no
longer possible.

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Recoilless (Indirect) Lever
Load Binder

A Recoilless Lever Load Binder
has been added to the line of
Chain Binder products. As the
name implies, this binder is
designed to prevent recoil. This
load binder will accept chain
from 5/16"-3/8" and has a
WLL of 5,400 lbs.

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Load Binders for 1/2" Chain
Now Available

To serve our customers requiring
1/2" load Binders, Ancra now
offers their popular Lever and
Ratchet Load Binders capable
of handling 1/2" chain

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Retract-A-Roll 3

Ancra puts aircraft cargo
loading convenience in
your trailer with the new
Retract-A-Roll 3 system!
Cargo glides on, glides off.

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