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1. Solid Parent Organization
Ancra International has continuous access to professional services, financial and insurance partners and best practices policies, plus the further advantage of a solid parent organization, the Heico Companies, with annual sales approaching $3-billion.

2. Safety Factors
It doesn’t take a numbers person to appreciate the built-in safety factor of reputable products. At Ancra, we use our own in-house testing facilities as well as independent sources to test and retest our securement products. It’s a process that begins with initial design concepts and continues through the final manufacturing. It doesn’t end there. We constantly spot test finished products to make sure they meet quality cargo control standards day after day. We even test and evaluate products that have been in service for signs of corrosion and fatigue. When you see the working load limits permanently marked on Ancra winches, you can be sure those numbers will be met, and more.
3. In-Service Record
There’s a third way we ensure safety in numbers. Serving the trucking industry for decades we have hundreds of thousands of reliable products working hard everyday. Truckers know what’s good.


abraison machine

 Random webbing samples are abrasion tested per ASTM D6770-097 then load tested for its ability to withstand accelerated wear.

tolerance test

3. TOLERANCES. During the process of first article inspection, Ancra measures crucial tolerances with a granite table and height stand. This assures the product is built to design specs.

tensile test

2. TENSILE TEST EQUIPMENT CHECKS ANCRA WEBBING AND HARDWARE FOR LOAD CAPACITY USING UP TO 50,000 LBS. OF FORCE. If a product doesn’t meet the minimum required capacity, the lot is rejected.

hd comparator

4. HIGH DEFINITION COMPARATOR verifies dimensions. Ancra products are inspected for accuracy and proper fit with mating parts that will assure trouble-free performance.