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Permanent Decking Solutions

Permanent Decking Solutions

Our permanent decking solutions improve your overall efficiency and provide you with convenient options for taking on a wider variety of cargo hauling jobs. Featuring our AutoDeck, Logist-A-Panel, Vers-A-Deck, and popular Lift-A-Deck II decking systems, our full selection includes solutions for some of the most prevalent logistics and tie-down applications in the industry with high-quality installation, smooth operation, long-lasting reliability, and versatility.

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Permanent Decking Solutions



The advanced system that improves freight loading efficiency, reduces damage freight claims and maintenance costs, and improves driver and forklift operator’s safety and satisfaction! The Ancra Cargo AutoDeck system provides greater efficiency loading with higher safety for the user. Built with operator safety in mind, the easy to use automation features will lead to a higher utilization of decking systems, reducing time to load and improve both satisfaction and safety for logistics staff.


Combining Ancra’s proven Lift-A-Deck II beam system with slotted wall panels, the Logist-A-Panel replaces the standard plywood or liner panel inside your trailer to create highly customizable shoring and strapping options for loads of all sizes. With the strength and longevity that Lift-A-Deck II is known for, the Logist-A-Panel wall system combines versatility with efficiency to add capacity and customization to your specific load.


Our most versatile freight loading option! With the ability to customize deck heights and accommodate various size and weight loads, the Vers-A-Deck makes creating double-decking easy. It has the flexibility to use both Vers-A-Beams and E beams in the same system at the same deck height, providing you with an adaptable solution to otherwise more frustrating securement challenges.

Lift-A-Deck II:

Our most popular patented solution for decking loads in trailer and can bodies! With its convenient storage, easy operation, super strength, wide range of accessories, and versatility, it’s no wonder more customers choose Lift-A-Deck II than other decking solutions. With Ancra’s patented adjustable second deck in your trailer, you can carry double the amount of palletized freight, or you can mix loads with only part of the vehicle double decked. Simply push the adjustable beams to the roof for convenient and safe storage when you need the full height of the trailer. With many track styles to choose from, installations can be made on any type of vehicle construction, including sheet and post. Lift-A-Deck II track can also be used with a wide range of Ancra accessories for cargo containment.

CellTech Trailer Wall Systems:

Ancra International is excited to partner with CellTech Metals to provide the transportation industry with a new class of bonded truck and trailer wall systems. Track from either of Ancra captive beam decking systems is now available preassembled into CellTech Metals patented metal sandwich wall panels. Integrating the track into the panel manufacturing process before vehicle assembly provides significant cost and installation labor savings. Along with the flexibility of the Lift-A-Deck II or Vers-A-Deck system, CellTech wall panels offer tremendous stiffness to weight ratio and a rivetless exterior for distortion-free placement of custom graphics. The smooth interior surface achieved by flush-mount bonding reduces the risk of track and cargo damage.

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