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Web Winches

Web Winches

Versatile and dependable. Defining the industry standard for product strength and durability, you can trust Ancra’s quality.

Designed for easy strap insertion during snow and ice onditions. Prevents the mandrel from freezing up.
Versatile and meant for temporary installation, and can be placed along the trailer side frame.
Designed to reduce strap wear, spool discs guide and store the webbing into a single roll up to 30'.
Incremental adjustment from both sides of the winch allows for clearance applications.
Allow for easy positioning in the track, but lock into place when tension is applied to the strap. For use with Ancra C track
42357-11,-12 & -21 and Ancra double L track 49242-10-120 & 49789-10-102 or equivalent.

*Portable and slider winches are engineered to be placed anywhere along side the trailer as needed to best secure the load.


Though winches don’t actually come in contact with the load, their function of tightening and anchoring the webbing or cable is critical to the security of over-the-road cargo hauling.

To insure winches will perform, a quick inspection before each use will assure they are undamaged and working properly. Damaged or non-operational winches should be replaced immediately.

For optimum performance, winches should be cleaned to remove dirt, mud, road salt, and ice. Lubrication ensures that gravity will allow the winch pawl to drop freely into the sprocket teeth, and the sprocket will rotate freely. When not in use, portable winches should be cleaned and stored in a dry location. With a little care, your winches will go a long way.

Web Winches


All of Ancra’s winches come standard with a black powder coat finish, designed to resist 250 hours of standard salt spray testing to guarantee many years of service. The smooth ground web slots prevent webbing wear and damage, and each winch comes stamped with its working load limit and the Ancra name.

High-strength alloy pawl pins and steel mandrel ensure tough and long-lasting winches. For even longer-lasting winches, specify in your order for X-Treme Zinc finish, providing better corrosion resistance than zinc-plated, paint, or powder coated finishes.

The X-Treme Zinc finish underwent extensive SAE J2334 testing, including a 720 hour test of exposure to sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate in order to simulate highway conditions where de-icing salts or solutions are commonly utilized. Each 24-hour cycle of testing includes exposure to the salt solution, a period of high humidity, and a period of relative dry. More corrosion is produced as a result of the wet/dry cycle as opposed to a traditional wet cycle in common salt spray testing, thus more closely resembling real-world driving conditions and chemical exposure. The X-Treme Zinc finish held up significantly to the testing, producing only 1% of rust across the unit, while the black powder coat produced five times as much, the black e-coat ten times as much, and the zinc plating sixty times as much rust.

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