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Interior Van Solutions

Interior Van Solutions

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From decking systems, track, beams and bars, to strap assemblies and custom nets, Ancra’s Interior Van Solutions are made of quality components to secure your loads. We offer a variety of adaptable and convenient loading systems to match your specific application. All our tracks are treated with high-quality finishes for rust and corrosion resistance, and our versatile beams and bars are built with the best possible strength-to-weight ratio we can offer. All of our products and components are strength-tested and highway-proven, so you can be confident in the durability and longevity of your equipment, and we offer replacement parts for even more efficiency and added life. Whether your application is standard or heavy-duty, we can help find you a solution.

Interior Van Solutions



The Logist-A-Panel combines Ancra’s proven Lift-A-Deck II beam system with slotted wall panels replacing the standard plywood or liner panel inside your trailer to create highly customizable shoring and strapping options for loads of all sizes. Versatile and efficient with the strength and durability Lift-A-Deck II is known for, Logist-A-Panel wall system adds capacity to customize to your specific load.


Vers-A-Deck earned its name by allowing users to customize deck heights and accommodate various size and weight loads. By using E Beams and Vers-A-Deck beams on the same track system, you can easily create double decking.

Lift-A-Deck II

With Ancra’s patented adjustable second deck in your trailer, you can carry double the amount of palletized freight, or you can mix loads with only part of the vehicle double decked. Either way, you can increase your payload capacity and you profits. For the loads where you need full height, you simply push the adjustable beams to the roof for convenient and safe storage. There will be no more beams left on the loading dock. With many track styles to choose from, installations can be made on any type of vehicle construction, including sheet and post. Lift-A-Deck II track can also be used with a wide range of Ancra accessories for cargo containment.

Lift-A-Deck II Track Options

We offer the widest choice of track types possible to meet several applications. With the Lift-A-Deck II track, no lubrication is required before installation. Beam access slots are provided as standard for all track for easy beam removal and replacement. The standard track length is 72-in. (61-in. loadable), and custom lengths and an installation manual are available upon request.

Poly Deckboard

Ancra’s Poly Deckboard is used with the Lift-A-Deck or Vers-A-Deck systems and E beams for providing a solid and convenient platform for cargo securement. The Poly Deckboard is lighter than plywood for increased trailer capacity and stackable for easy storage. Its durability allows it to have excellent low temperature performance down to -40°F.

Logistics Straps

Ancra logistic straps are available in cam buckle and ratchet buckle models with end hardware to suit your specific application. Made with strong polyester webbing, they are color coded to easily identify the length. The standard fixed end length for all straps is 48-in. Built on a reputation for dependability and strength, these strap assemblies promise the quality that comes with every product that bears the Ancra name.

Logistic Tracks

Ancra Series E, A and F Track were designed to team with Ancra end fittings, beam sockets, and decking/shoring beams for the strongest, most reliable support. Constructed of steel or aluminum and available in 10-ft. lengths as standard, other lengths are available upon request. To withstand corrosion, Ancra galvanized track has a G-90 hot dip finish with a surface chemical treatment. Painted track is finished with either a high-quality, powder coat or semi-gloss enamel. Custom lengths and special finishes are available.


Ancra gives you a choice of shoring beams with steel, aluminum, or heavy-duty aluminum models to keep cargo from shifting and being damaged. Aluminum beams feature a patented flat latch mechanism that eliminates the age-old problem of damaged trigger mechanisms. It’s easier to release, even while wearing gloves. There is even a replacement flat latch channel assembly that can be used to update your existing beams. Extend beam life and keep your costs low.

Aftermarket Decking System Beams

Our offering of aftermarket decking system beams provides a variety of strengths to meet specific applications. Our aftermarket beams are offered in standard, heavy-duty, and wide-top models.

Aftermarket Beam Accessories & Components

We offer a selection of accessories and components for our aftermarket decking system beams to add greater efficiency and life to your beams. Our selection includes foot and channel assemblies, nut and bolt kits, and replacement tubes.

Shoring Bars

Ancra offers a choice between round and square shoring bars to meet your particular applications. Our shoring bars are made of high-quality steel and adjustable in 2-in. increments for flexibility and versatility. Our shoring bars help to keep your cargo secure by reducing shifting.


Our hoops are designed to help restrain the movement of packages of cargo within your truck or trailer. Two hoops and attachment hardware are included to provide easy mounting.

Jack Bars

Jack Bars feature 4-in. x 4-in. bolt-on feet assemblies and are designed for use in general duty cargo applications. They feature 1-1/2-in. square heavy-gauge, galvanized steel tubing with a cycle tested, heavy duty automotive jack assembly. The jack mechanism includes a quick release feature that allows the bar to be quickly retracted for easy removal. For ease of recognition, bars with the longest adjustment range have red handles.


High density polyethylene panels with hand slots for easy positioning are ideal for moving household items and keeping your freight separate and secure. They are used with lockable beams to provide a secure load divider for missed loads. When used as a decking board, the cargo carrying capacity is determined by the beam supporting it.


For extending the life and efficiency of your products and assemblies, Ancra offers a wide selection of accessories to meet several unique applications. Our selection includes cargo bars and holders, tie-offs, truck and trailer fittings, Transmat friction mats, straps, and more.

Tension Limiting

No more overtightening! You can prevent damage caused by over-tightened ratchet buckles with the Tension-Limiting Ratchet Buckle. Ancra’s innovative buckle will tighten to no more than 300-lbs. of tension. It’s enough force to secure the cargo, but not enough to damage your vehicle. Detents in the handle are designed to release at preset loads that will hold the cargo securely, but not damage the vehicle or the cargo.

Net Assemblies

Our net assemblies are offered in standard 100-in. x 90.5-in. and custom sizes. Designed for your particular application, Ancra custom nets offer retention support for various sized and shaped packages. Using strong 1-in. or 2-in. webbing, they’re individually tailored to fit your loading condition, assuring maximum effectiveness in transporting a load securely.

Trailer Access Steps

If your truck or van trailer has a 48-in. deck height, Ancra’s trailer access steps will give you a boost. Available in 2- or 3-steps, the galvanized steps self-latch for stowing, and extend smoothly from a stored position.

Forklift Ramp

Designed to comply with ASME PASE 2014 Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment, Ancra’s American-made forklift stand offers a stable platform to raise your fork lift 20-in. for easier access from all sides.

Not sure what you need? Contact us and we’ll help you find the right product for the job.

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