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Ratchet Strap Assemblies

Ratchet Strap Assemblies

Secure your cargo and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with Ancra. With over fifty years’ experience and an extensive catalog of tough and reliable tie downs, assemblies, and accessories, you can trust us to help you find the best product for the job.

Download the Web Sling & Tie Down Association WSTDA-T-5 Specs

Ratchet Strap Assemblies


The strength of Ancra Ratchet Strap Assemblies reflects the strength of Ancra’s reputation in the Transportation Industry. Our heavy-duty, weather-resistant straps and solid, reliable hardware have met the demands of the road for over fifty years. Our straps are stringently tested for strength and durability in order to bear the Ancra name.

The ratchet design makes the unit convenient for quick and simple tie down jobs, where the adjustable buckle tightens slack and helps to secure your cargo. Built strong to last long, Ancra’s ratchet strap assemblies are constructed with the highest-quality materials and components we can offer. Made with wear and weather-resistant, latex-treated polyester webbing with durable hardware, our ratchet strap assemblies can meet the demanding conditions of flatbed operations.

Our X-Treme line of ratchet straps is made with a special weave construction and added coating, which provides increased strength retention of a minimum of 80% after abrasion testing and reduces water absorption and freezing in harsh conditions.

Ancra ratchet buckle strap assemblies help us redefine the industry standard. Now with the tested and proven 80% retained strength of Ancra X-Treme webbing and the integrity of our ratchet buckles, these assemblies are the most abrasion-resistant in our catalog. Custom lengths and a wide range of hardware are available. Straps have a standard fixed end length of 18-in. unless otherwise specified.

Ratchet Strap Assembly Models and Accessories:

  • Gear Drive Tensioners: Ancra’s gear drive tensioner provides more control when tensioning the strap than a ratchet buckle with the ability to be locked in place every 1/28th of a spool rotation. Gradual tensioning means better control, and makes the new Gear Drive Tensioner perfect for securing bottled gases and other specialized cargo.
  • X-Treme: For even greater durability and longevity, choose Ancra’s X-Treme line of ratchet strap assemblies.
  • 2": Standard 2-in. wide ratchet strap assemblies built tough for heavy loads.
  • 3": Standard 3-in. wide ratchet strap assemblies built tough for heavy loads.
  • 4": Standard 4-in. wide ratchet strap assemblies built tough for heavy loads.
  • Replacement Parts: We offer a variety of replacement parts specifically for our ratchet strap assemblies to keep them working for years down the road.

Ancra straps meet DOT specifications and are tested for strength and durability. Meets or exceeds WSTDA T-1 Recommended Standard Specifications for synthetic web tie downs.

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