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With a wide array of products, and dedicated website pages for each product, Ancra has also created separate literature for most items, in English and some French. These documents can be viewed through a separate web page, and can be printed and/or downloaded in Adobe® PDF format for future reference or distribution. Some of these documents are also available in printed format.

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Ancra Cargo Decking Systems Literature

Heavy Duty Product Literature

Ancra Full Line Safety Products

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Ancra’s Winch Offering

Line Card

Providing Innovative, Timely and Cost Effective Military Solutions for over 50 Years

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Ancra’s New
Ratcheting Winches

Significantly decrease load time with our fast and easy to use Ratcheting Winch!

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3 Winch Types

X-Treme Zinc, Ratcheting, Lighter 7mm Winches

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3 Bar Winches

Several 3 Bar Winch models available with the X-Treme Zinc finish for optimum corrosion resistance.

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X-Treme Zinc Winch

Improved corrosion resistance when compared to zinc plated, painted, and powder coated winches resulting in a longer lasting winch.

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SilverCap OverDrive
Ratcheting Winch Cap

Convert any winch into a ratcheting winch by adding Ancra’s OverDrive Ratcheting Cap.

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Ancra X-Treme
Rope Tie Down

Use this as a light weight replacement for steel cable tie downs when hauling timber.

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PortaWinch &

We have created a way to turn standard stake pockets into solid anchor points for securement straps.

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Ancra Military PDFs

Educational Information

Winch and Strap Removal From Service Criteria

Ancra wants to help ensure the security of your loads and the safety of your driver and the general public while using any of our strap or winch products.

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Cargo Control 101 Quiz Account Registration & Instructions

We understand the value of field training for outside sales and on-site training for counter sales and customer service. Ancra’s Cargo Control 101 was designed as a tool to train key sales personnel on the proper use of Ancra products.

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Tie Down Calculator Application

This calculator is an aid for determining the minimum strap requirements needed to comply with FMCSA and CCMTA.

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Winch Coatings Comparison

Rust preventative coatings relative performance on trailer winches.

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