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NEW Full Line 220B

Announcing the new 220B
catalog of Ancra's full line
of cargo control products
ranging from flatbed, to
interior van, to hardware
and an expanded line of
specialty products. The 128
page catalog covers products
for your securement needs.
Ancra, our products are
growing with you.

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Most Popular Trucking
Cargo Control Products
Catalog 221A

Updated catalog of Ancra's
most popular line of
cargo-restraint products
for flat-bed and interior

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NEW Ancra Consumer/Industrial Group Catalog

Cargo management solutions for making cargo transportation easier and more secure.

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AutoDeck System

Ancra Introduces the First of it's Kind; Revolutionary Automated Decking System at the Push of a Button.. AutoDeck!

Advanced System That Improves Freight Loading Efficiency, Reduces Damage Freight Claims and maintenance Costs, and Improves Driver and Forklift Operator's Safety and Satisfaction.

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Engineered Product Literature


Ancra Introduces the First of it’s Kind; Revolutionary Automated Decking System at the Push of a Button.. AutoDeck!

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Retract-A-Roll 4

Ancra's NEW Pneumatic Roller Track System! Skate Wheel Retractable Rollers make lifting and sliding cargo faster.

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LAD Conversion Track

The Fastrack Lift-A-Deck II
Conversion system is a single
track with brackets attached
to the back for mounting into
vertical logistics post slots.

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Ancra Lift-A-Deck II

Updated Lift-A-Deck II
Brochure to reflect the
vastly expanded product
line and explosive growth
of this product line for the

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Logist-A-Panel System

The most versatile cargo management system on the market today! Combines Lift-A-Deck II beam system with slotted panels providing highly customizable shoring and strapping options.

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Vers-A-Deck System

The most versatile freight loading option.  Flexibility to use both Vers-A-Beams and E Beams in the same system at the same deck height.

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Security Divider & Deck Board

This versatile divider can be transformed into a deck board. It's ergonomic, easy to handle, and lockable to provide a secure load divider for mixed loads.

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Poly DeckBoard

Ancra's NEW Poly DeckBoard
is designed to be
used with Lift-A-Deck II
systems and Standard E Beams
to create a second deck for
cargo support.

US Patent 8,899,661

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Knock Down Pallet Deck

Automatically deploying legs for improved time efficiency and reduced opportunity for safety hazards. When folded, the KDPD nests securely with other KDPD units to provide a safe and space-efficient storing and transportation solution.

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Ancra Product Literature

X-Treme Grip Tire Chains

Unparalleled Strength & Durability

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Rubber Tire Chain Tensioner

For use on all heavy duty trucks!

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Ancra Binder Lock

Ancra Binder Lock secures
the handle on lever and
recoilless binders, preventing
the possible rotation of the
handle and release of the
chain tension.

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Ancra Web Keeper Ratchet

The Ancra Web Keeper
Ratchet provides a simple
device where the excess
webbing can be stored on
the ratchet.

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Premium Cargo Strap Winder

Strap Winder quickly assists
in winding winch straps
into rolls for storage.
Cargo Control Display.

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HD Strap Storage Band

Use HD strap storage bands to keep stored straps from unrolling.

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Fork Lift Stand

Raise your fork lift 20 inches!  For fork lifts up to 10,000 lbs. with 62 inch maximum wheelbase and 30 to 40 inch track width.

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Ancra EZ Binder

The Ancra EZ Binder is
a ratcheting chain binder.

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Ancra Beam Rack

Designed to allow for quick and easy storage of beams in your trailer.  PATENDED

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Trailer Door Pull Strap

Use the door pull strap to easily close the roll-up trailer door while standing on the ground. The driver does not need to enter the trailer while using the convenient strap.

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5th Wheel Release Bar

Tee Handle Grip is 5 in. • Chrome Plated Finish • Hook End & Angled Bar • Welded Steel Construction • Total Product Length: 34.5 in. • Weight: 1.89 lbs.

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Winch and Ratchet

For extreme applications
look to Ancra X-Treme
winch and ratchet

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Ancra ERGO 360
Winch Bar

Securing Flatbed loads
gets safer and easier
with the little yellow
winch bar.

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EPDM & Natural Rubber Tarp Ties

Within the heavy-duty
trucking industry, Ancra
Tarp Straps are renowned
for their quality and
durability and are a favorite
of fleets and independent
operators alike. Ancra's
Global Distribution
Agreement make the
brands more accessible.

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Ancra's Cargo Sta II features a recessed gear rack, which helps prevent a pinch point while providing a smooth exterior surface for less potential cargo damage. Click Here to View PDF

 Gear Drive Tensioner

Ancra's Patented Gear Drive Tensioner is a 2-inch strap assembly for securing specialized cargo.

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Ancra EZ Winder

The Ancra EZ Winder
easily winds up loose straps.

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Ancra X-Treme Guard

Help protect your freight
and straps with Ancra's
new X-Treme Guard,
offered in various lengths.

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GlideLock II

Glide Lock II is designed to be easy to use and provide a movable, secure attachment point for flat hook winch straps or ratchet straps.

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Ancra's Full Line Safety Products

Safety Line of Products

Emergency equipment designed to keep you safe.  Includes vests, gloves, flags & banners, as well as lights and a triangle warning kit.

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Trailer Door Limit Strap

If cargo has shifted against the doors during transit, they may swing open suddenly when the lock bar is released, dumping cargo out of the trailer.

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Toss 'N Tie

Don't throw your tie downs; use Toss 'N Tie to get them in place! Available in 1-Pack, 4-Pack, or Bulk.

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Trailer Access Steps

Designed to be used on van trailers and straight truck applications with a 48" deck height.  Steps move smoothly in their frame from the stored position to the extended position.

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LED Flashing Help Light

The HELP light can be used as an effective substitute for, or in addition to, road flares.  Can be attached to any metal surface.

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Driver Assist Strap

Provides assistance while drivers and dock workers climb into and out of trailers with Ancra's Driver Assist Strap.

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Dual Loop Driver Assist Strap

Provides assistance while drivers and dock workers climb into and out of trailers with Ancra's Driver Assist Strap with dual loops.

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Ancra's Flatbed Trailer Ladders

Portable, Durable, 5-Step Ladders assist drivers to mount/dismount vehicles.

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Corner Protector Placement Tool

No need for climbing on the load or up onto a ladder for placement of the corner protectors or adjustment of strap position. It can all be done with feet firmly on the ground.

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Ancra's Winch Offering

Ancra's New 7mm

The New Ancra 7mm
frame winches offer
a reduced weight
that cuts down on
fuel expense! Read
more below...

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Ancra's New

Significantly decrease
load time with our fast
and easy to use Ratcheting

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3 Winch Types

X-Treme Zinc, Ratcheting, Lighter 7mm Winches

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3 Bar Winches

Several 3 Bar Winch models available with the X-Treme Zinc finish for optimum corrosion resistance.

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X-Treme Zinc Winch

Improved corrosion
resistance when
compared to zinc
plated, painted, and
powder coated winches
resulting in a longer
lasting winch.

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SilverCap OverDrive Ratcheting Winch Cap

Convert any winch into a ratcheting winch by adding Ancra's OverDrive Ratcheting Cap.

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Ancra X-Treme Rope Tie Down

Use this as a light weight replacement for steel cable tie downs when hauling timber.

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PortaWinch & PortaAnchor

We have created a way to turn standard stake pockets into solid anchor points for securement straps.

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Educational Information

Winch and Strap Removal From Service Criteria

Ancra wants to help ensure the security of your loads and the safety of your driver and the general public while using any of our strap or winch products.

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Cargo Control 101 Quiz Account Registration & Instructions

We understand the value of field training for outside sales and on-site training for counter sales and customer service.  Ancra's Cargo Control 101 was designed as a tool to train key sales personnel on the proper use of Ancra products.

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Tie Down Calculator Application

This calculator is an aid for determining the minimum strap requirements needed to comply with FMCSA and CCMTA.

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Winch Coatings Comparison

Rust preventative coatings relative performance on trailer winches.

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