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Side Mount Web Winches

Side Mount Winches

For great strength and durability to handle heavy loads of flatbed cargo, look to Ancra. We have the high-quality products that cover a wide range of unique hauling applications. If you’re struggling to overcome a specific tie-down challenge, chances are we have the right product for the job....

Ancra’s side mount winches can be easily attached to the side of a trailer for convenient tie-down. Each winch is finished with a black powder coat and has undergone a rigorous 250-hour salt spray test to ensure endurance and longevity under even the harshest driving conditions. The smooth ground web slots in the side mount winches also prevents further significant wear and tear.

The side mount winches are constructed with high-strength alloy pawl pins and a seamless solid steel mandrel for many years of continued use, and every winch produced is stamped with the model’s working load limit and the Ancra name, ensuring a high-quality build. Our strongest winches are those with the X-Treme Zinc finish with a high corrosion-resistance far superior to zinc-plated, paint, or powder coated finishes.

In order to ensure the strength and quality of the X-Treme Zinc finish, it was put to the test under SAE J2334 compared to all other finishes. The test was 720 hours of exposure to sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate in order to simulate real-world driving conditions where the roads had been treated with de-icing salt or other solutions. The finishes were put through 24-hour cycles of exposure to salt solution, high humidity, and relative dry, thus causing more corrosion than only a wet cycle common in traditional salt spray tests. The X-Treme Zinc finish outperformed all the other finishes in that only 1% of the unit endured significant rust, while the black powder coat produced five times as much, the black e-coat ten times as much, and the zinc plating sixty times as much.

Side Mount Web Winches

For more convenient access to the tensioning device, Ancra has the side mount winches that are designed to easily attach to the side of a trailer.


Side Mount Winch Configurations:

  • Leg Bracket: The leg bracket side mount web winch offers an alternate mounting option featuring its opposite "legs" for attaching to the side of a trailer. Built tough and reliable, the black powder coat maintains durability and provides longevity.
  • Low Profile: The low profile side mount web winch maintains a similar style to Ancra’s other standard web winches in its design. Mounting it to the side of any flatbed truck trailer, this simple build provides conventional installation and functionality.

Ancra winches comply with DOT, WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905 regulations.

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