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Secure your load and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with Ancra. With over fifty years’ in business as well as a vast offering of strong and durable tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories, Ancra continues to define and revolutionize the cargo securement industry. Choose us and we’ll help you find the best tool to get the job done and done right.



Maximize your decking with Ancra’s most versatile freight loading option. Vers-A-Deck earned its name by allowing users to customize deck heights and accommodate various size and weight loads. By using E Beams and Vers-A-Deck beams on the same track system, you can easily create double decking. With the Vers-A-Deck, you can increase your load average, customize it to meet your specific applications, and reduce damage claims by avoiding double stacking freight.

The Vers-A-Deck has a variety of key benefits, including:

  • Accomodates Vers-A-Beams and E Beams in the same system at the same deck height
  • Works with Ancra Poly Deckboard for maximum efficiency and flexibility
  • Customized deck heights allows increased load average while avoiding damage from double stacking freight
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Stores in the ceiling for convenience and ease
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Vers-A-Deck Assemblies and Accessories

  • Beam Release Bar: Our tool to help make customization and versatility quick and easy.
  • Beam Release Bar Holder: A no-nonsense, standard bar holder for our beam release bars.
  • Low Profile Vers-A-Deck Decking/Shoring Beam: The low-profile Vers-A-Deck beam works well with either 16-in. spacing or 24-in. track spacing. The system track accepts Vers-A-Deck Beams or E Beams. The high-strength design prevents beams from jamming in the track if they are hit by a forklift. When not in use, the beams conveniently store in the ceiling, which means no more beams left behind on loading docks.
  • Beam Stop: The beam stop eliminates the beam from moving in the track and installs flush with the surface of the track for fewer cargo catch points.
  • Low Profile Single VAD Surface Mount Track: Mounting track that installs along the surface of the trailer.
  • Standard Single VAD Flush Mount Track: Standard mounting track that sits flush with the trailer side upon installation.
  • Operations and Maintenance Placard

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