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Gear Drive Tensioners

Gear Drive Tensioners

Secure your load and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with Ancra. With over fifty years’ experience in the cargo securement industry and an extensive category of heavy-duty and dependable tie down equipment, assemblies, and accessories, you can be confident we’re committed to premium quality and will help you find the best products for the job....

Ergonomically designed to secure bottled gases and other sensitive and specialized cargo, our patented gear drive tensioner with gradual strap tensioning and release provides more control than a ratchet buckle. Locking the 2-in. strap in place every 1/28th of a spool rotation, the worm gear self-locks against back drive to stay closed. The folding handle locks the gear system and tension when folded over, and magnetic detent holds it closed.

Gear Drive Tensioners

Add an additional layer of safety and security with Ancra’s gear drive tensioner, which is designed to secure bottled gases and other sensitive cargo.


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Other key features:

  • Assembly strength: 3,333 lbs. WLL
  • Standard 12-ft. length with custom lengths available
  • Gradually release strap tension by turning the handle counterclockwise
  • Gear housing made from high impact polycarbonate material that withstands temperatures from -40°F to +180°F
  • The gear drive system provides improved mechanical advantage so it requires less hand pressure to tighten the strap as compared to a typical ratchet buckle

Gear Drive Tensioner Models:

  • Gear Drive Tensioner with Flat Hooks
  • Gear Drive Tensioner with Snap Hooks

Ancra straps meet DOT specifications and are tested for strength and durability. Meets or exceeds WSTDA T-1 Recommended Standard Specifications for synthetic web tie downs.

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