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Ergo 360 Winch Bars

Ergo 360° Winch Bars

With a wide selection of heavy-duty, dependable, and long-lasting products, Ancra continues to innovate and shape the industry.

See what a difference a bend in the bar makes. Ancra’s own patented Ergo 360° Bar design allows for the bar to be rotated a full 360° to gain optimum leverage without removing it, this is due to the parallel alignment of the handle and tip. The offset design eliminates the need to use the bar at extreme angles, either upward or downward,...

and the bent design of the bar means it won’t roll away when laying on high arched aluminum trailers. All combination winch bars can be used to release tension on chain binders.

Ancra’s winch bar handles are knurled at two sections, and the flanged mushroom tip helps to keep the bar from slipping from the winch cap during use. The tip is heat-treated for an increase in the unit’s strength and cycle tested to simulate years of heavy use. Easy to carry and simple to use, the Ergo 360° Bar is one of Ancra’s most efficient tools and could be the most efficient and economical new tool you’ll use. Use caution to avoid injury. Not to be used as a cheater bar.

Ergo 360 Winch Bars

Tighten and loosen your winch strap without removing the bar from the winch with Ancra’s patented ergonomic Ergo 360 winch bars.


Winch Bar Models:

  • Standard Painted ERGO 360 Bar — Non Slip: The non-slip grip on the handle gives you better control over the bar, allowing you to quickly find the proper leverage.
  • Combination Box End Painted ERGO 360 Bar: The combination box end allows for chain binders to be released with ease.
  • Combination Painted ERGO 360 Bar: The combination end can be used to release chain binders.
  • ERGO 360 Bar:Strong and ergonomic, this model is safer than traditional winch bars

Ancra winches comply with DOT, WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905 regulations.

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