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X-Treme Rope Tie-Downs

X-Treme Rope Tie Down

Always striving to be the leader in cargo securement through innovation, Ancra stands ready to help secure your loads and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with our extensive catalog of heavy-duty, dependable, and long-lasting products for a variety of tie down applications....

Ancra has designed and developed a lightweight solution for tying down heavy loads. When hauling heavy-duty loads like timber, Ancra’s X-Treme Rope Tie Down provides you with a lightweight alternative to steel cable tie downs. The rope will not develop kinks or have broken wires like a steel cable, and the lighter weight and added flexibility makes it more user-friendly.

Made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for high strength and low stretch, the durable rope with 3/8-in. diameter and breaking strength of 18,000-lbs. will keep your cargo secure.

The X-Treme Rope Tie Down also features:

A spliced eye loop on the end for connection to 3-bar winches.

A 21-in. long chain anchor on the opposite end, which is made with 5/16-in. Grade 70 chain and grab hook.

A marked metal tag attached, which reads, "Ancra, 50404-10, WLL 3600 lbs, 1365 kg. 5.1"

Ancra’s X-Treme Rope Tie Down complies with FMCSA.

X-Treme Rope Tie-Downs

Ancra’s X-Treme rope tie-down is our lightweight solution to help you tie down the heavy-duty loads with ease and efficiency.

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