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Various Corner Protectors

Various Corner Protectors

Ancra’s flatbed accessories provide even greater efficiency and securement to help save you as much time and money as possible, adding convenient, efficient, and handy features to our already-extensive selection of strong and versatile products and assemblies. Our tough and durable corner protectors prevent abrasion to your cargo or web straps, helping to save you money on damages to cargo or webbing. Our models are built with quality materials so you can be confident your cargo is secured.

Various Corner Protectors

From high-density polymer and rubber-coated steel protectors to tarp protectors, Ancra has both you and your corners covered with our various corner protectors.


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Corner Protector Models:

  • Corner Protector Placement Tool: Designed to provide an easy and secure means for positioning corner protectors on the top corners of cargo, the placement tool makes your job quicker and easier. It is designed specifically to work with Ancra’s X-Treme Guard corner protectors but will work with most other Ancra corner protectors.
  • Tarp Protector: Made of yellow plastic for high visibility, the tarp protector protects your tarps from wear and damage.
  • Fiber Reinforced Rubber Corner Protector (4-in. webbing): Our fiber-reinforced rubber corner protectors are built for convenience and durability. This model can be used with webbing up to 4-in. in width.
  • Fiber Reinforced Rubber Corner Protector (3-in. webbing): Sturdy and reliable, our fiber-reinforced rubber corner protectors will keep your cargo secure. This model may be used with webbing up to 3-in. in width.
  • 12" Long Plastic Corner Protector: With excellent low-temperature performance down to -20°, Ancra’s 12-in. plastic corner protector will last the long haul. This model extends approximately 3-in. to protect the load, and may be used with webbing up to 4-in. in width.
  • Aluminum 6061-T6 Corner Protector: Suitable for 2-in. wide webbing, our 6061-T6 corner protector is made from quality aluminum and is durable enough to last for years.
  • Steel Corner Protector: Ancra’s steel corner protector is suitable for chain and to 4-in. winch straps, and extends 3-5/8-in.
  • Steel (Galvanized) Corner Protector: For an even tougher corner protector, Ancra offers out galvanized steel corner protectors. Used with chain, this corner protector will keep your cargo safe.
  • Rubber Coated Steel Corner Protector: This model corner protector has the strength of steel but the added protection of rubber coating to prevent damage to cargo.
  • Steel (Zinc Plated) Corner Protector: This corner protector is to be used with chains and can extend up to 4-in. to protect the load.
  • High Density Polymer Corner Protector: Our high-density polymer corner protector is suitable for webbing up to 5-1/4-in. wide and has quality low-temperature performance down to -20°F.

Corner Protectors not to be used as sling protection for overhead lifting.

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