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Roller Floor Systems

Roller Floor Systems

Roller Floor Systems

For versatile, responsive, and dependable products built with premium quality in mind, choose Ancra. For over fifty years we’ve been providing our customers with heavy-duty and innovative tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories from our ever-expanding catalog, helping to secure their cargo and maximize their efficiency and bottom line. If you’re looking for a product to make the job faster and easier, give us a call and we’ll help you find the right tool for the job.

Retract-A-Roll 4

Experience superior cargo securement and handling using the reliable strength and durability of Ancra’s Retract-A-Roll 4 System. Retract-A-Roll 4 is the easiest to operate and maintain and offers the fastest operation.

Retract-A-Roll 2

Ancra Cargo’s Retract-A-Roll 2 System is a state-of-the-art pneumatic roller track system that makes handling and maneuvering your palletized or air cargo so much easier. This system brings the ease and strength of aircraft technology directly to your trailers.


For more information on Ancra's Retract-A-Roll Systems, click here to contact Ancra's Engineered Systems Team

Ancra’s next-generation retractable roller system lifts cargo so workers can glide it into position for faster loading and unloading. Proven in airports worldwide, the system moves thousands of tons of air cargo every day. Fast loading and unloading reduces handling time, lowers labor costs and speeds turnarounds. Retract-A-Roll is extremely versatile—it handles air freight, palletized freight and instantly converts to a flat floor for handling general freight.

Operated by pneumatics from the truck’s existing air supply, it is extremely rugged. Steel top plate and rollers fend off forklifts while lower sections are aluminum to reduce weight. All parts are easily accessed for inspection or repair. Centralized weatherproofed controls are simple: one valve raises or lowers rollers.

We offer a selection of models and accessories to help keep your roller floor system in proper condition so it will remain an integral part of your cargo securement process for years down the road.

Roller Floor System Models:

  • Retract-A-Roll IV: Our latest model roller floor system, the Retract-A-Roll IV is designed with two sets of skate wheels that can bear more weight overall than our Retract-A-Roll II. The lower rolling resistance and longer lifespan make this the prime candidate for moving your freight in and out of a trailer. A 5-lane system will do the same work as a 6-lane Retract-A-Roll II system.
  • Retract-A-Roll II: With fast operation, exclusive safety interlocks, simple roller replacement, and flanged roller openings to reduce debris buildup, the Retract-A-Roll II can handle heavy cargo up to 250 lb./113 kg. per 2-in. roller for faster and more efficient cargo loading.
  • Retract-A-Roll II — 2" Rollers: Replacement rollers for our Retract-A-Roll II floor system. 250 lb./113 kg. bearing capacity per roller.
  • Pallet Stop: Easily stop cargo within the Retract-A-Roll systems by placing the pallet stop in the upright position, and simply lower the pallet stop to be flush with the trailer floor when not in use.
  • Skate Wheel: Replacement wheels for our Retract-A-Roll IV floor system. 300 lb./136 kg. bearing capacity per roller.
  • Retract-A-Roll Control Box: Easily operated controls are housed in a weatherproof container for controlling our Retract-A-Roll systems.

For more information on how Ancra roller floor systems can maximize your efficiency and profits, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.

Roller Floor Systems

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