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Cable Winch

Cable Winches

Securing your cargo and maximizing your efficiency and bottom line, Ancra continues to be the sole leader in load securement innovation. Ancra’s winches are heavy-duty, reliable, long-lasting, and will get the job done....

The cable winches by Ancra are strong and durable, solving many distinct tie-down applications and fulfilling a variety of cargo securement applications. This line of winches can be installed along the rear end or sides of a flatbed trailer and come in both right hand and left-hand models. Your cable selection must be consistent with your cable manufacturer’s safe working load limit ratings.

Being sure to provide the toughest winches possible, Ancra builds all of its winches with high-quality materials and components. Constructed with seamless, solid steel mandrels and high-strength alloy pawl pins, the winch will function for years to come. The black powder coat finish, which can withstand standard salt spray testing for up to 250 hours, protects the unit against corrosion and rust. To ensure you receive only a quality product, every winch is stamped with the unit’s working load limit and the trusted Ancra name.

Cable Winch

When handling the rougher, highly abrasive cargo, Ancra recommends using our cable winch to help you secure that load with durable cable.


Cable Winch Models:

  • End Mount LH Cable Winch: Tough and durable, the cable winch can handle a variety of tie down applications. This left hand model can be installed at the rear end of any flatbed trailer.
  • End Mount RH Cable Winch: Constructed of high-quality, high-strength materials and components, the cable winch will get the job done time and time again for years to come. This right hand model can be installed at the rear end of any flatbed trailer.

Ancra winches comply with DOT, WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905 regulations.

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