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Sliding Web Winches

Sliders – Sliding Winches

Innovate your securement, streamline your work, and maximize your bottom line with Ancra winches. With durable, long-lasting finishes and strong, high-quality construction, our winches can withstand even the toughest environments and conditions....

The sliding winches from Ancra are some of our most versatile winches. Our sliding winches can be adjusted and positioned seamlessly along the track and will lock into place, holding down the webbing once positioned and tightened. Similar to portable winches, sliders have the capability of being placed at any position along either side of a flatbed trailer frame. The flexibility in the use of the slide winches creates unique solutions to unique tie down problems, giving you wider options and greater control over your cargo. The sliding winches can be used with Ancra C track 42357-11,-12 & -21 and Ancra double L track 49242-10-120 & 49789-10-102 or equivalent.

Ancra stamps its name and the working load limit onto every winch for quality assurance. Constructed with high-alloy pawl pins and a seamless, solid steel mandrel, our winches retain their high strength and durability for years to come. Ancra’s sliders are available in the heavy-duty X-Treme Zinc finish, which retains an increased resistance to corrosion and wear superior to that of any of our other finishes, including zinc-plated, paint, and powder coat finishes.

To test their corrosion resistance, all of the winch finishes underwent extensive SAE J2334 testing where they were exposed for 720 hours to harsh corrosive environments to simulate highways treated with de-icing salts or solutions. The tests involved 24-hour cycles of exposure to salt solution, a duration of increased humidity, and a duration of relative dry or little humidity. This variable cycle causes an increase in the amount of corrosion on the unit as opposed to standard wet cycles in traditional salt spray tests, and so the finishes were able to be exposed to the harshest possible conditions found during real-world use. At the conclusion, the X-Treme Zinc finish outperformed all other finishes with only 1& rust on the unit, while the black powder coat produced five times as much, the black e-coat ten times as much, and the zinc plating sixty times as much rust.

Sliding Web Winches

Efficient versatility is what Ancra had in mind when we designed our sliding winches, which work flawlessly with the winch track to offer securement along your trailer.


Sliding Winch Configurations:

  • Standard: Ancra’s standard set of slide winches feature all of the versatile benefits of sliding winches with the simple and ergonomic design of our standard winches. This allows for basic installation and use for hassle-free use.
  • Storable: The storable sliders include a unique spool design, which allows excess webbing to be stored. Up to 30-ft. of webbing can be stored in a single, compact roll.
  • 7mm: Ancra’s 7mm line of sliding winches are specially heat treated to retain high strength while being lighter than other options with a reduced weight of up to 2-lbs. per winch on average. Their lighter weight can provide greater fuel economy for a heavy load or allow for an even heavier payload overall.
  • Ratcheting: For greater ease of use, convenience, and efficiency, Ancra’s ratcheting sliding winches allow for tensioning time to be lessened up to 33% compared to standard winches. Because of its design, the ratcheting sliders reduce the risk of winch bar rollover.
  • X-Treme Zinc: Our toughest, longest-lasting, most corrosion-resistant finish for our winches. The X-Treme Zinc sliding winches have the strength and build quality you’d expect, along with the longevity and protection of the added finish.

Ancra winches comply with DOT, WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905 regulations.

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