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Attachment Hardware

Attachment Hardware

Ancra has been delivering excellent service for over fifty years. With our industry expertise and commitment to premium quality, we’ve designed and developed an extensive catalog of heavy-duty and reliable tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories to tackle even the most unique and demanding trailer challenges. Whether your situation is simple or unique, Ancra’s products can help get you on the road with confidence. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best tool for the job.

Attachment Hardware


Ancra attachment hardware includes an assortment of high-quality, rust-resistant, and durable hooks, rings, and fittings. Our line of attachment hardware is built to be strong with heat-treated materials and an option of corrosion-resistant plating or vinyl coating to stand up against the elements and harsh conditions of trailer operations. Our products and components are fully tested to meet our exacting standards so you can be confident your load is secure.

Attachment Hardware Models

  • Bolt Plates: Heat-treated and finished with zinc-plated clear chromate for corrosion-resistance, our bolt plates are tough enough to hold down your cargo and last for years.
  • Chain Anchor: Our chain anchors are made of high-quality steel and gold zinc-plated to stand up to harsh conditions. Ideal for heavy-duty securement, our anchors will hold up.
  • Chain Hardware: We offer a wide selection of chain hardware for popular applications — from anchor shackles with screw pins and clevis pin models to quick links in various sizes. Corrosion-resistant, gold zinc-plated grade 70 twin clevis and slip hooks come in a wide range of sizes, with and without safety latches. All are individually packaged.
  • Flat Hooks: Ancra flat hooks come in a variety of configurations to fit basic and unique tie down applications. With both light and heavy-duty strengths, our selection provides a wide assortment of options.
  • Hooks: Forged from high-strength alloy steel, Ancra clevis hooks are made for grade 70 chain. Sized from 1/4-in. to 1/2-in., the chain hooks are strength-tested and heat-treated for safety and durability. Our hooks meet Department of Transportation requirements.
  • Rings: We offer a selection of light and heavy-duty rings in an assortment of configurations to match your specific application.
  • Snap Hook: Our snap hooks come in a standard, unfinished state or with a satin black finish, and vary in strength ratings. The snap mechanism ensures the hook remains on the attachment until it is released.
  • Track Fittings: Designed to fit securely into a variety of Ancra track, sturdy Ancra track fittings are easy to use and long-wearing.
  • Wire Hooks: Ancra wire hooks are available in a wide range of strengths from light to heavy-duty, and come in a varied selection of configurations to meet your specific application.

For more information on how our attachment hardware can maximize your efficiency and profits, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.

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