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Hardware & Webbing

Hardware & Webbing


We make them tough. All of our buckles, hooks, rings, track fittings, and attachment hardware are made from high-strength steel. Our webbing is abrasion-resistant, a trademark of Ancra quality. Our line of general hardware and webbing includes components all made of quality materials to ensure long life. The positive locking feature on tensioning hardware increases security and safety, while protective coatings improve resistance against corrosion and rust. Standard or custom, these products are the core of Ancra’s first-rate reputation. Our wide assortment of hardware and webbing is available to suit your specific tie-down application.

General Hardware & Webbing


Ancra’s durable buckles are designed with a unique latch and fast release cam that reduces sprocket wear. Our broad line of steel ratchet, cam, and overcenter buckles meets your wide ranging load requirements, offering quick and easy release and secure locking tension.


In addition to the trucking industry, Ancra buckles are used in specialty markets that include aircraft, marine, automotive, material handling and military applications. In each case, material specifications have been modified to give optimum performance for their specific use.

Ratchet Buckles

The popular long, wide-handle ratchet is a classic example of Ancra innovation. Ancra ratchet buckles are available in a wide range of models for 1-in. to 4-in. webbing widths. The buckles have a locking latch that engages when the handle is closed and prevents the inadvertent release of tension when under load. The handle cross pin interlocks with the frame, maintaining a low-profile design. A removable rear bolt on most models allows for in-field conversion or repair. Our locking mechanism guards against vibration release, the 1.5-in. longer handle increases leverage by 20%, and the wider handle and latch design allows more hand room for easier operation. What began as innovation is now the standard of the industry.

Overcenter Buckles

Ancra overcenter buckles have one-piece steel frame construction and are designed for simple and easy operation. When attached to the strap, the webbing provides a pad between the buckle and the cargo.

Cam Buckles

A one-piece frame design lengthens the service life of Ancra cam buckles. Quick and easy operation consists of simply pulling the handhold to tension and depressing the cam lever to release.

Roller Buckles

For light-duty applications, Ancra offers our roller buckles, which employ a simple slide bar adjuster. The simple design makes tying down cargo quick and simple.

3-Bar Slide Adjuster

Made of quality steel and built with a no-nonsense build, this adjuster is designed to be used for the adjustment of strap lengths only and not for tensioning.

Attachment Hardware

Ancra hooks, rings, and fittings are rust-resistant, high-quality, and made to last. With heat treating and corrosion-resistant plating or vinyl coating, this quality line of attachment hardware is strong and durable. Our products and components are fully tested to meet our exacting standards. We offer a wide selection of attachment hardware to suit your specific application, including the following:

  • Bolt Plates
  • Chin Anchors
  • Chain Hardware
  • Flat Hooks
  • Standard Hooks
  • Rings
  • Snap Hooks
  • Track Fittings
  • Wire Hooks

Bulk Webbing

Along with exceptional quality, Ancra’s broad line of webbing gives you a range of choices to match your application. Custom made according to our strict specifications, Ancra webbing is treated for extra strength and durability, offering additional flexibility and ease of use.

Specialty Products

Ancra designs and manufactures a full spectrum of restraints and hardware to meet your wide-ranging needs. Our specialty items represent our ongoing mission to provide the right solutions for a changing industry. With a selection of displays, jacks, and track and fitting, our specialty hardware products serve a wide range of applications to meet unique securement situations.

Not sure what you need, or looking for custom options? Contact our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138 and we’ll help you find the right product for the job.

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