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Auto Transport

Auto Transport

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We are Ancra. Through our expertise and commitment to premium quality, we’ve been delivering innovative and reliable tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories to our customers for over fifty years. Our vision for more efficient cargo securement has helped us design and develop our ever-growing catalog,allowing us to create products that shape and redefine industry standards while fulfilling both common and unique tie down applications. To ensure the quality of all our products, every tool and assembly is made with the highest-quality materials and components we can offer; if it wears the Ancra name, it can be trusted. Our catalog includes a variety of products to meet the harsh and demanding conditions of trailer operations. For custom products to solve any unique challenges you may have, contact us and we’ll help find you the best tool for the job.

Auto Transport


Whether transporting a load of cars or someone’s pride and joy, you depend on proven quality restraint products. Ancra designs and manufactures auto transport products, strap assemblies, harnesses and hardware to meet your most demanding requirements. With a wide variety of solutions to tie down challenges and products built of the highest standard we can offer, you can be confident your load is secure.

Our selection of auto transport solutions includes tough tie down, cleat, tire, and Series E straps made of strong webbing and durable hardware to last for years to come, as well as lashing winches to tighten your cargo down properly. We’re committed to offering you the quality you demand.

Tie Down Straps:

For standard automotive tie down with strength and durability, our tie down straps get the job done. With the choice between axle, ratchet, and winch straps, you have an assortment of options to tackle almost any standard automotive tie down. Our axle straps provide a no-hassle, solid and sturdy tie down, while our ratchet straps make the job quick and easy. Winch straps provide a simple method of tie down with a winch already installed on your vehicle.

Cleat Straps:

Ancra cleat straps offer an extra layer of security to moving cars and trucks. The auto tie down cleat strap goes over the tire and utilizes three cleated rubber pads that mesh with the tread to keep the strap centered and secured.

Tire Straps:

Ancra designs and manufactures a complete line of wheel straps for automobile-towing dollies, including basket, dolly, and adjustable bonnet straps. With differing applications for tire securement, you have more options to tie down your auto and keep it safe for the long haul.

Series E Transit Straps:

Assembled with durable latex treated polyester webbing and ratchet buckle, our Series E transit straps are some of our strongest options for automotive securement. The fixed end features a heavy-duty Series E & A track fitting, and the adjustable end features a cluster hook with R, T, and J hooks for versatility and convenience.

Lashing Winches:

The lashing winch with double hex drive can be bolted or welded to a trailer like a standard winch, yet offers the quick release and easy operation of a ratchet buckle. The ratchet design makes tightening up to 33% faster and saves you both time and money on the job. With a ratchet design, the winch bar stays in the winch the entire time. Our winches will last for many years to come as they are made of high-strength steel and finished for corrosion resistance.

Not sure what you need, or looking for custom options? Contact our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138 and we’ll help you find the right tool for the job.

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