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Lift-A-Deck II Logistic Tracks

Lift-A-Deck II Logistic Track

Ancra stands ready to help secure your load and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with our extensive selection of high-quality, innovative tie downs, assemblies, and accessories. With over fifty years’ experience in the cargo securement industry, we are committed to providing excellence and premium quality with every product we offer. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best product for the job....

We offer a selection of high-quality logistic track for our popular Lift-A-Deck II decking system to raise your cargo to the next level. Our tracks require no lubrication before beam installation and beam access slots are provided as standard for all track for simple beam removal and replacement. With many track styles to choose from, installations can be made on any type of vehicle construction, including sheet and post. Lift-A-Deck II track can also be used with a wide range of Ancra accessories for cargo containment. The standard track length is 72-in. (61-in. loadable), and custom lengths and an installation manual are available upon request.

Lift-A-Deck II Logistic Tracks

With Ancra’s Lift-A-Deck II logistic tracks installed, you’ll no longer need to worry about stolen or lost beams since these tracks keep your beams captive.


Lift-A-Deck II Logistic Track Models

  • FasTrack Lift-A-Deck II Conversion Track: The FasTrack™ Lift-A-Deck II Conversion system is a single track with brackets attached to the back for mounting into vertical logistics post slots. With an added Lift-A-Deck II beam, this track easily converts a standard dry van trailer into a captive beam Lift-A-Deck II decking trailer without requiring permanent installation. FasTrack™ provides all the benefits of traditional captive decking systems along with the adaptability of short-term usage.
  • Flanged Double Track
  • Lift-A-Deck II Narrow Single Track
  • Lift-A-Deck II Flanged Single Track Beveled
  • Standard Single Track

For more information on how Lift-A-Deck II deck system can raise your load average and your profits, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.

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