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Hooks & Web Winders

Hooks & Web Winders

Secure your loads and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with Ancra. Our high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting flatbed equipment and accessories help get the job done quickly and done right....

Ancra’s strong and durable hooks are designed for each specific tie down method to meet many varied cargo applications, and our web winders make strap storage a breeze with simple construction and efficient design. Built of high-quality metals and carefully crafted to be as convenient as possible, all our hooks and web winders are made to work well and last long.

Hooks & Web Winders

Save time during the unloading process by using Ancra’s convenient hooks and web winders as they easily and quickly roll up your straps for storage.


Hook & Web Winder Models:

  • Premium Cargo Strap Winder: Constructed of zinc-plated steel for maximum durability, the strap winder quickly assists in winding winch straps into rolls for neat storage, and is designed to clip into trailer stake pocket or side rails for quick convenience.
  • Web Winder: Easy to attach to vehicle rails, easy to remove with tapered forks, and easy to disassemble for storage, Ancra’s web winder winds 2-in., 3-in., and 4-in. winch straps. Built of all steel, the web winder will last for years down the road.
  • EZ Winder Strap Winder: For quick and convenient webbing storage on your winches, the EZ Winder easily inserts into the winch cap and can be seamlessly rotated to wind the straps onto the mandrel in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand.
  • Double L Track Slider Hook: Able to be positioned anywhere along Ancra’s L tracks, the slider is versatile and efficient.
  • Tarp Hook: Made of 1/2-in. steel wire, this hook is used to quickly secure tarp straps to trailers.
  • Corner Iron Hook: Our corner hook is constructed with no sharp corners to reduce abrasion to rope or cable, maintaining the lifespan of your ties.
  • H-2 Hook: Flame-cut from 5/8-in. metal, the H-2 hook can be welded onto vehicles and accepts web loops, D-Rings, cable, or rope. The hook meets anchorage requirements when properly secured.
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