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Chain Load Binders

Chain Load Binders

With over fifty years’ experience in the cargo securement industry, Ancra continues to expand their catalog to include a wide variety of new innovative products. Let us help you find the equipment you need to get the job done and done right.

Chain Load Binders


Chain loaders allow chains to be secured by hooks on either side of the device, with a handle in the middle for reeling in and tensioning the chains. Each load binder model is different in the manner it tensions the chain, either lever or ratchet.

Ancra builds all of its chain load binders with the highest-quality materials and components we can to provide you with a product that will work well for many years to come. All traditional chain load binders are constructed of drop forged steel for high strength and durability and were designed to be used with transport chain. Our chain binders are available in traditional lever, recoilless, and ratcheting models, and are finished in a red E-coat paint for rust and corrosion resistance.

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Chain Load Binder Models:

  • Lever Chain Load Binders: Ancra’s standard lever chain binders are simple in design yet rugged and reliable in function.
  • Recoilless Lever Chain Load Binders: The recoilless handle design makes tensioning quick and easy. The unit locks the chains in place without any further equipment upon tension or release.
  • Ratcheting Chain Load Binders: Ancra’s ratcheting chain binders include the ratchet design into the handle, making tensioning far faster than with other chain binders.
  • XHD Chain Binders: Constructed of drop forged steel and designed for durability and superior performance, XHD binders exceed WSTDA T-6 standards. The high-visibility yellow E-coat finish protects against harsh elements and extreme road conditions. XHD binders include the original two-piece handle design that allows the main gear to be welded to the barrel, making a more durable design than the standard binders in which the main gear is pinned to the barrel.

Ancra chain load binders meet or exceed WSTDA T-6 standards.

WARNING: Failure to follow all instructions may result in serious personal injury, property damage and loss of life. Observe the working load limits as noted below and on tags to determine the number of tie downs and hardware required under federal D.O.T. FMCSA 40 CFR Parts 392-393. Use extreme caution when tensioning load binders to ensure chain links are seated securely in the hook before releasing tension on the load binder.

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