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Safety Related Products

Safety Related Products

With our extensive catalog of cargo tie down products, assemblies, and accessories, Ancra is constantly striving to innovate and shape the industry with heavy-duty and efficient products. Secure your cargo and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with Ancra....

Like all Ancra products, our line of safety and emergency equipment is engineered with an understanding of your requirements and our ongoing commitment to your safety. Our safety products carry the assurance of dependability Ancra is known for, offering the best in wearables, lights, reflectors, banners, and flags. Our line of wearables includes high visibility safety vests and durable, reflective work gloves, and emergency lights and reflective warning equipment have been introduced to assist you on the road. Durable, reversible banners are now available with sewn-in bungee cords for convenience and ease of use, and all Ancra flags and banners meet FMCSA 393.87 standards.

Safety Related Products

Ancra is constantly striving to provide you with reliable safety related products as part of our ongoing commitment to your safety.


Safety Related Models:

  • Reflective Work Gloves: With standard and insulated models, Ancra’s split leather work gloves are high-visibility and well-made. Choose between L and XL size.
  • Storage Bracket Kit for Flatbed Trailer Ladder: The storage bracket kit has a base assembly and an upper bracket with a lockable closure to secure one Ancra Flat Bed Access Ladder. The base assembly supports the legs of the ladder and the upper bracket has a rotating, lockable arm that secures the top rung and upper section of the ladder in place. The set is designed to be permanently mounted to make sure the ladder is always available to the driver no matter what trailer is being hauled.
  • High Visibility Fluorescent Safety Vests: Our high-visibility safety vests are available in lime green and orange, and are one-size-fits-most with 5-point tear-away Velcro side, shoulder, and front closures. Our vests are compliant with CSA Z96-15 Class 2, Level 1 & ANSI/ISEA 107- 2015 Type R, Class 2.
  • Help Light Kit: Ancra’s Help Light Kit is built with 15 high-output LEDs (12 red, 3 white), with 360° visibility for up to one mile. The unit has three modes including red LEDs on steady (5 hours battery life), red LEDs double pulse (9 hours), and white LEDs on steady (6 hours), and comes in impact-resistant plastic in safety yellow. It runs on three included AAA batteries and includes a magnet and folding hook on the back.
  • LED Flashlight: The LED flashlight is built with a durable, rain-resistant, anodized aluminum case with 400-lumen output and a 200-meter range. The size of the light beam can be zoomed in and out by moving the barrel, while it can be turned on and off with the blue tactical-type tail switch. The flashlight has a 2-hour battery runtime.
  • Triangle Warning Kit: Certified by AMECA and DOT and in compliance with FMCSA standards, Ancra’s 3 collapsible reflective triangles come in a durable red plastic carrying case. The kit includes trilingual set-up and proper usage instructions to be in compliance with FMCSA.
  • Magnetic Flag Holder: Secure warning flags with the magnetic flag holder. The 2.3-in. diameter ceramic magnet is rated at 80-lbs. of pull force, and the holder has a center screw and wing nut for flag attachment. A nylon insert prevents the wing nut from backing off during transport.
  • Toss ‘N Tie Strap: With the Toss ‘N Tie, you don’t have to throw your tie downs over the load and equipment and risk harm to yourself, others, or your cargo. Simply unroll the cord and attach it to a cargo strap or cargo chain, toss the Toss ‘N Tie ball up and over the load, and finally go to the other side, grab the cord, and pull your tie down into place. The Toss ‘N Tie comes in a single pack, 4 pack, and bulk packaging.
  • Canada D Signs: Made with durable vinyl fabric and 10 grommet attachment points, our Canada D signs are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Banners: Our wide load and oversize load banners are offered in a selection of sizes and double-sided models and the choice of durable vinyl fabric or woven polyester mesh.
  • Flags: Ancra’s red and orange flags come in cotton or mesh models and a wide selection of sizes to keep you safe on the road.

All Ancra flags and banners meet FMCSA 393.87 standards.

Ancra vests are compliant with CSA Z96-15 Class 2, Level 1 & ANSI/ISEA 107- 2015 Type R, Class 2.

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