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X-Treme Roll-On Roll-Off Container Straps

X-Treme Roll-On/Roll-Off Container Straps

With over fifty years’ experience in the cargo securement industry, you can trust Ancra to provide a wide selection of heavy-duty and reliable tie downs, assemblies, and accessories to help you maximize your efficiency and bottom line....

Ancra’s X-Treme roll-on/roll-off container straps are constructed of the highest-quality materials we can offer. Made with special weave polyester for high strength and durability and an added coating process, the X-Treme container straps are wear and weather-resistant and made for performance and longevity. The permanent coating helps the X-Treme container straps to resist abrasion, resulting in an impressive 80% minimum retained strength after abrasion testing as opposed to only 40% for standard straps. Built to be strong and last long, you can be confident in the X-Treme roll-on/roll-off container straps to secure your cargo.

X-Treme Roll-On Roll-Off Container Straps

When dealing with rolling loads such as dumpster, Ancra offers our durable and reliable X-Treme roll-on/roll-off container strap.


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X-Treme Roll-On/Roll-Off Container Strap Models:

  • X-Treme 4-in. x 5-ft. Roll-On/Roll-Off Container Strap w/ Sewn Loop End The sewn loop end allows for simple hook connections.
  • X-Treme 4-in. x 5-ft. Roll-On/Roll-Off Container Strap description

Ancra straps meet DOT specifications and are tested for strength and durability. Meets or exceeds WSTDA T-1 Recommended Standard Specifications for synthetic web tie downs.

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