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Grade 70 Transport Chains

Grade 70 Transport Chain

For only the highest quality and longest lasting cargo securement, look to Ancra. Our extensive catalog has a variety of products to solve even the most unique tie down challenges. ...

Designed to provide optimal strength for tie downs, grade 70 chain is constructed of high-quality materials. Ancra’s grade 70 transport chain is made from heavy-duty, heat-treated carbon steel and 100% proof tested to twice its working load limit. Finished with zinc plated gold chromate to prevent corrosion and rust, the transport chain will last for many years down the road.

Grade 70 Transport Chains

With Ancra’s durable grade 70 transport chains in hand, you’ll be able to securely tie-down the rougher loads with ease and confidence.


Grade 70 Transport Chain Models:

  • Clevis Hooks: All of Ancra’s clevis hooks are made of heat-treated alloy steel to be strong and reliable with a long lifespan.
  • Packaged: Our grade 70 transport chains are made with only the highest-quality materials and processes in the industry. Our chains come packaged in convenient, color-coded pails for transport and storage.
  • XHD Chain Assembly: Providing a lightweight alternative to heavy duty chain, Ancra’s XHD chain assembly includes grade 70 chain with the added strength and size of our grade 80 clevis hooks. Heat-treated and proof-tested to twice the working load limit, the XHD chain assembly will handle several heavy payloads over the course of many years.

All Ancra transport chains are made to NACM standards per specifications of the Department of Transportation & CCMTA for tie down use.

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