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4" Steel Ratchet Buckle

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  • Locking latch engages when handle is closed
  • Handle cross pin interlocks with frame, maintaining low-profile design
  • Working Load Limit of 8,000 lbs.

4-Inch Ratchet Buckle

For the really heavy-duty tough tie-down jobs, Ancra offers our durable and industrial strength 4-in. ratchet buckle to help you get the job done right. This buckle is engineered with a working load limit of 8,000 lbs., giving it the strength you need to easily take on those tougher securement jobs. Tightening the 4-in. webbing is quick and easy, and once the webbing is tight, the locking latch engages when the handle is closed, keeping the strap tight. The buckle’s handle offers a more comfortable grip for easier handling while the handle cross pin interlocks with the frame to maintain the low-profile design.

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