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48” X-Treme Guard® Corner Protector

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  • 48” long high-density polyethylene construction
  • Distributes strap tension over the length of the guard to prevent your cargo from being crushed
  • Crack and weather-resistant to -30°F

48-Inch  X-Treme Guard®  Corner Protector

 For preventing your cargo from getting damaged and saving you money on possible damage claims, Ancra designed the 48-in. X-Treme Guard® corner protector to distribute strap tension over the full length of the guard. The durable construction allows the corner protector to resist weather and cracking down to -30°F so you can be confident no matter the conditions.

The 48-in. X-Treme Guard® is the high-quality solution you expect from Ancra. Corner protectors are not to be used as sling protection for overhead lifting.
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