Ancra’s New Beam Rack

Never forget a beam again with Ancra’s new Beam Rack. Our Beam Rack is designed to allow for quick
and easy storage of beams in your trailer.

Ancra’s patented Beam Rack fits easily into your existing logistics posts to provide a secure, easy and
efficient method of raising your beams up and out of the way when not in use. This ensures no beam is
left behind during the unloading process. Often, dock workers will place beams on the side of the
trailer or in the warehouse to keep them out of the way when unloading cargo. The results, the beams
are left in the warehouse or forgotten resulting in possible lost time or insufficient beams for the next
cargo load.

Ancra’s Beam Rack is manufactured for easy installation and the unique design lets you lock up to 6
beams per set horizontally in your trailer. To install the Beam Rack, align brackets 8 feet apart, into your
current trailer logistics posts with UP arrow pointing up and tabs inserted into logistics posts slots. The
lower tab can be adjusted if needed to fit into logistics posts with unique slot spacing. Turn the thumb
screws, top one first to lock Beam Rack bracket in place then turn the lower one to eliminated rattles.
Then just add beams, it’s that easy!

Order Ancra’s new patented Beam Rack today by calling customer service at 800.929.2627, so you can
store extra beams with ease without giving up valuable space in your trailer or leaving the extra beams