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81" to 117" Series F Round Shoring Bar (Canada Only)

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  • Adjusts 81” – 117”
  • Adjustable in 2” increments
  • 1.66” outer tube diameter
  • 0.945” inner tube diameter
  • 500 lbs. Working Load Limit
  • Canada Specific Product

Series F Round Shoring Bar

With the help of Ancra’s durable and industrial strength series F round shoring bar, you’ll be able to minimize the problem of damaged freight by keeping everything separated in the back of your trailer. This means no more having to worry about cargo shifting and rubbing against each other every time you hit a stray pothole in the road. With our bar firmly in place, it acts as a sturdy barrier, keeping your loads stabilized and secure.

Built from high-quality steel for extra durability, this series F round shoring bar is engineered with a working load limit of 500 lbs. It features a 1.66-in. outer tube diameter as well as a 0.945-in. inner tube diameter, allowing it to work with a Canadian 1-in. hole series F logistic track. Adjustments to the bar’s length can be made in 2-in. increments, allowing you to shift the bar between 81 inches and 117 inches to fit in your trailer.

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